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Merchant and Investment Bankers

Our People

A.P. Gould & Co.'s senior personnel contribute a broad background to the firm's activities

Arthur Gould (chairman)

Arthur Gould has spent more than forty years in industry and banking. He founded A.P. Gould & Co., investment bankers, in 1967 as an affiliate of Laidlaw & Co., then controlled by Hambros Bank of London. Through A.P. Gould & Co., Mr. Gould has arranged and handled several billion dollars merger/acquisition and corporate finance business on behalf of North American, European, and Japanese clients in a wide variety of industries. Prior to forming A.P. Gould & Co., Mr. Gould was the founder and president of Golden Shield Corp., a subsidiary of General Telephone & Electronics, manufacturer and marketer of radios, televisions, and other household appliances. Prior to forming Golden Shield, Mr. Gould was the founder and general manager of Bulova Radio Company, an affiliate of the Bulova Watch Company and a pioneering manufacturer of transistor radios marketed worldwide. Mr. Gould earned his bachelors degree at New York University.

Andrew Gould (president)

Mr. Gould's background is in investment and merchant banking. He has been with A.P. Gould & Co. since 1980. Mr. Gould founded and managed the venture finance group, specializing in corporate partnerships and technology transfer as agent, and seed-stage finance as principal. In addition to client responsibilities, Mr. Gould handles the firm’s external business development, including the firm’s merchant banking partnerships in Japan, Israel, and Europe. Mr. Gould has a bachelors degree from Yale University and a masters degree in finance and economics from New York University. Mr. Gould speaks a number of languages fluently, including Russian, Chinese, Spanish, German, and Polish.

Robert Frankel (special limited partner and senior technology analyst)

Dr. Frankel, trained as an electrical engineer and Physiologist, preformed ground-breaking post doctoral work at the University of Rochester in the application of  laser plasmas for flash x-ray diffraction to photo responsive bacterial membranes. Since leaving academia he has spent 20 years performing and managing R&D in the fields of semiconductor capital equipment, biophysics, laser metrology, Raman spectroscopy and other analytical chemistry methods, and telecommunication component manufacturing. He is the author of numerous publications, including over 20 awarded and pending U.S. patents in the fields of laser and grating design, combinatorial chemistry systems, chemical detection, optical metrology and telecom component architecture.  He has a Ph.D. in physiology from Buffalo Medical School at the State University of New York, and a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Frank Simon (operating partner)

Mr. Simon is one of the leading seafood entrepreneurs in the North America, and in addition to his broad background in wild-harvest seafood, he has had seminal experience developing retail markets for leading species of farmed seafood. He was founder and chief executive of Costa Rica-based Rain Forest Aquaculture Products, which under Mr. Simon’s leadership pioneered the retail market for fresh tilapia fillets -- now the fourth mostly widely consumed seafood product in the U.S. Mr. Simon built Rainforest from startup to $25 million of sales, and sold the business to international food-industry owners who subsequently substantially increased the business’ size. Mr. Simon co-founded Maine-based Great Eastern Mussel Farms, Inc., where he introduced bottom-broadcast farming techniques and pioneered the retail and foodservice markets for farmed live mussels in the fast-growing U.S. shellfish market. Previously, Mr. Simon was Senior Vice President/sales-marketing at Ocean Products, Inc., Portland, Maine, one of the leaders in the North American farmed salmon industry. Mr. Simon has a B.A. in English literature from the University of Colorado, and speaks French and Spanish.

Harris Landgarten (special limited partner)

Mr. Landgarten has been a pioneering entrepreneur in the field of personal computer hardware, communications, digital signal processing, and software applications for over 20 years, with a broad knowledge of trends, companies, and technologies. He co-founded, was a principal shareholder of, and served as technical advisor to the Board of SamsungCCTV, a leading-edge provider of web-based and closed-circuit TV security systems affiliated with Korea-bsaed Samsung Electronics.  He was president and co-leader of an investment group that assumed control of, refinanced, and effected a turnaround of publicly-held Noise Cancellation Technologies, a seminal leader in the use of real-time digital signal processing for the control of noise and vibration. Before that, Mr. Landgarten was co-founder and president of Techland Systems, a successful developer and manufacturer of micro-to-mainframe communication systems and sub-systems that he built and sold profitably to a public company. Mr. Landgarten is an expert in Linux and embedded control systems. He has a B.S. in mathematics from Queens College of the City of New York.

J. Russell Chapman  (operating partner)

Mr. Chapman has almost three decades of senior executive experience in consumer goods. His background includes progressively challenging turn-around assignments for Fortune 100 companies including RJR Nabisco, Helena Rubinstein, and the Gillette Company. Mr. Chapman was also Managing Director of Atlantic Capital, a merger/acquisitions advisory firm in Brazil that focused exclusively on consumer product company transactions. Mr. Chapman has extensive international experience including Puerto Rico, Brazil, Japan, Malaysia, Switzerland, and Eastern Europe. Most recently, as Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Chapman transformed Ecce Panis, a small, unprofitable retail artisan bakery, into a world class branded food company. Using leading edge technology, entrepreneurial brand building, innovative customer support, and a focus on product quality, Mr. Chapman enabled the company to achieve a 48% CAGR in sales and become market leader in less than three years. Mr. Chapman has an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School, and a B.A. from Earlham College, and speaks fluent English, Portuguese, and Spanish.