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Merchant and Investment Bankers

The firm provides the following services to its international clients:

In the aquaculture and wild-harvest seafood sectors, we invest actively in primary production, as well as processing businesses at the revenue-generating and later stages. We place particular emphasis on our co-investment and business-development relationship in the seafood sector with San Francisco-based Encore Consumer Capital, a leading provider of private equity capital to the food industry. Click here for further detail about these joint activities.

In a number of emerging growth sectors, we play a role as conceptual and organizational initiator, co-initiator, and seed investor. We focus in industries where we have extensive direct experience and access to strong pools of management talent, including aquaculture, medical imaging, diagnostics, and therapeutic devices, and certain areas of technology, optics, and applied physics.

Corporate and Business Development

We help clients conceptualize, identify, execute, and finance acquisitions of new businesses, and license manufacture and distribution of new products worldwide. We help large and small corporations sell businesses or products that they own or to license technologies that they have developed. We help large and small corporations find new in-licensing opportunities in universities, private and national laboratories, and corporate product development laboratories. We arrange sales, marketing, distribution, and customer support for clients' products in North America, Japan, and Europe, employing a variety of techniques. We provide "surrogate management" services, in which we organize and staff a complete sales and service company for the client and then arrange for the client to take over the sales company after it is in operation; we organize and supervise distributor networks, and we arrange licensing agreements with qualified manufacturing licensees. We provide original research support to clients to assist in re-designing, re-specifying, or re-positioning their products to enhance their contribution to an overall business stragegy.

Direct Investment

Together with institutional co-investors, we invest our own funds in two areas:

Corporate Finance

We arrange all aspects of long-term financing in the private markets for worldwide product development and day-to-day business activities of our clients, and we work with private companies to access the public market through our relationships with underwriters in North America and in the growing public equity markets of Europe and Asia.