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Merchant and Investment Bankers

The firm provides the following services to its international clients:

Direct investment

Together with private and institutional co-investors to whom we syndicate, we invest our own funds in companies where we are active as conceptual and organizational initiators or co-initiators.

Corporate finance and business development

For companies where we are shareholders, we can assist in all aspects of long-term financing in the private markets to support worldwide product and business development, and in accessing the public markets through our relationships with underwriters in North America and in the new equity markets of Europe, Asia, and South America. We help arrange sales, marketing, distribution, and customer support for clients' products worldwide employing a variety of techniques -- We arrange OEM-marketing agreements and distribution agreements for the client's products through partners or distributors that have captive sales, marketing and distribution; we provide "surrogate management" services for companies based outside the US needing market access in North America; we organize and supervise distributor networks, and we arrange licensing agreements with qualified manufacturing licensees. We assist companies arranging sub-contract manufacturing and production in Asia with lower labor costs and capacity for flexible-scale production, and Israel with its government support and duty-free access to the European Union. We help companies identifying and financing acquisitions of new businesses or acquire or license new products worldwide.

Three brief examples of current involvements:

Atlantic Aqua Farms: We developed a consolidate-and-grow strategy for AAF and the niche farmed mussel industry in which AAF operates in Atlantic Canada. Together with San Francisco-based Encore Consumer Capital, we invested in AAF in 2008, and sold it to Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan at the end of 2017. Partnering with a top management team over the course of those years, we helped grow the company dramatically, expanding employment, product range, and profitability, and AAF is now the largest producer of farmed mussels for the ‘live’ category in North America.

Fishermen’s Energy: Partnering with an investment syndicate whom we helped organize representing a broad swath of the bottom and pelagic fishing companies, vessel owners and captains in the mid-Atlantic, we conceived, planned, staffed, strategized, and over time assisted directly in raising over $30 million of private, strategic, and concessionary risk-financing to build this offshore-wind-energy project-development company and to create an opportunity for members of the commercial fishing industry to invest and deploy their exceptional maritime skills and knowledge of the marine environment in what promises to be a multi-billion dollar new ocean-based industry. The company anticipates breaking ground on its first offshore-wind generation project in New Jersey state waters off Atlantic City by 2019.

Bahama Biters: Partnering with local fishermen, our team researched the marine resource, organized the team, and directly financed a new company to harvest and process fresh-cooked, never-frozen stone-crab claws for the robust niche market in the US. Bahama Biters specializes in extra-large claws, which it ships to restaurants and supermarkets, in particular throughout the southeastern US.