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Merchant and Investment Bankers

We are specialists in business development– we help our clients develop and expand their businesses through internal and strategic external growth and acquisitions, and in using the capital markts in creative ways to finance this growth. We act as agents and advisors to clients, as well as principals and initiators together with industry specialist partners. We are active in two principal areas:


We work with primary producers of seafood in both the aquaculture and wild-capture spheres, as well as primary and secondary seafood processors and marketers, to execute often intricate strategies that take advantage of complex national and international laws governing the development and commercial use of marine resources. We also work with financial investors to develop seafood-related equity investment products, as well as creative asset-based investment products -- both of which provide additional means of financing and liquidity for primary producers, processors, and marketers of marine protein.


We work with producers of technology-based products and  providers of technology-based services in a variety of fields where partners and affiliates of our firm have extensive experience:

  1. Medical imaging and therapeutic and diagnostic medical devices and services;

  2. Analytical and clinical chemistry for applications in systems biology, genomics, proteomics, molecular detection and imaging, and medical diagnostics;

  3. Energy conversion, transmission, and storage technologies and services – in particular, technologies nad services that can be used efficiently to produce commodity chemicals (for example – anhydrous ammonia) that have a significant worldwide usage footprint in industry and agriculture.

  4. Microprocessor-based products in professional and consumer electrics and electronics.

A.P.Gould & Co. is an investment and merchant banking firm that traces its roots to Laidlaw & Co. (private bankers, established in 1842) and to Hambros Bank, the principal shareholder of Laidlaw at the time of A. P. Gould & Co.'s formation. We are an independent firm specializing in corporate development, corporate finance, and venture banking whose partners come from industry, finance, and marketing. Our clientele is international, and we have long-standing relationships with companies in North and South America, Japan, Israel, and Europe. And to support these clients internationally, we are multi-lingual and bring to our work many years of experience in international banking, trading, manufacturing, and business management working with large and small companies.